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By VranScam (anonymous) | Posted January 14, 2011 at 11:31:25

Vranich wants to tear down the Federal Building too?
We're screwed as Serbia noted as he and Bratina are quite buddy buddy.

I'll believe a development on that site after, and only after, that hotel is built at the demolished HMP site.
or after a Shoppers/LCBO/Staples is built on the lot directly west of it.
Or if Vranich didn't take 6 years to renovate a small King West house into his new office.
Or if Vranich ever did anything with the Convent building at King & Queen.
Or if the Vranich's weren't caught up in a storm of controversies.

Ya, I could go on as to why I don't trust this plan.

Isn't it hilarious that developers from all over and popping up actually building things here while Vranich & Co have been sitting on the same sites for probably decades? And yet all they know how to do is demo?

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