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By MattM (registered) | Posted January 14, 2011 at 11:59:14

The comments on the Spec about this are even more ignorant and absurd than usual. One of them is literally "It's old and empty. Tear it down."

The other comments are the usual "another eyesore in the downtown, tear it down!". Yah... cause that has done wonders for the handful of other beautiful buildings that we've ripped down in the downtown.

I guarantee that when Vranich rips this beautiful building down, it will remain an empty lot for years, much like the HMP. Or possibly an illegal parking lot. He will not be doing anything with this property as the economic situation has not changed from the last time he referred to it being the reason why he hasn't developed the HMP site.

His buddy Bob the mayor will push the papers through and we'll be seeing wrecking balls at 150 Main Street West in a month.

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