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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted January 14, 2011 at 13:45:45

In 2007 I spearheaded an initiative to attract Mountain Equipment Co Op to this very building - this was before they had even purchased the land in Burlington let alone opened a store there.

To the city's credit, staff did a great job of taking the idea and running with it. They spoke to MEC and attempted to speak with the owner of the building (Vranich)

The city was excited about this prospect because at that time, there was a plan on the books to build condos in the upper levels. The owner had told the city that the only thing holding him back was lack of interest from potential main floor tenants and without a key retail tenant the project would not be profitable.

But when the city called Vranich to discuss the MEC potential, in order to put together a complete proposal for the MEC directors, Vranich simply didnot return the calls.

In the end, MEC went to Burlington for many reasons, and Vranich was not one of them. But the applicable moral of this story is that Vranich NEVER had a plan to renovate this building, despite promises to the contrary.

So, hey, lets reward his behaviour!

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