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By Zephyr (registered) | Posted January 14, 2011 at 16:01:02

@MB -- Well I personally know of 6 people who live in the North End who think the only logical place for a stadium is the WH -- and they ALL attend Ti-Cat games regularly (myself included).

However, if the Ti-Cats were to generate all sorts of spin-off businesses and city building, then that would have happened in the IWS area, old stadium regardless.

I don't think many WH supporters believe the Ti-Cats will generate economic spin-off. The Ti-Cats are a corporate welfare case. We do believe that it is worthwhile to use our $45M Future Fund and $70M in proposed tax dollars wisely. Which means building a community playground on the WH -- an entertainment precinct through a combination of public and private investment. Waterfronts are destinations.

Now that the Ti-Cats have decided not to be on-board, its exciting to contemplate that the cost savings will allow for a permanent world-class velodrome.

I boldly predict the IWS reno will not happen. There is no way to build a quality business plan for this site in two weeks - and council has already indicated they are willing to exercise their fiduciary responsibility. They will not in good faith be able to approve a report with multiple caveats and unanswered questions.

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