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By DON COYOTE (anonymous) | Posted February 26, 2007 at 20:27:57

I think the halloween dictum on income trusts came about as result of lobbying by a group of brokers(well named) and financial advisors whose game(fear-sell,greed-buy,expert-crystal ball and commiss.)was upset by the retail investors-retirees etc.fondness for income trusts.They carried on a strident campaign of total guff in the media since 2003.It failed so they went to big brother.The result can be seen in the attack ads against the liberals well in advance of any election call.They must be flush with cash;your cash.Most brokers knew in advance.Their comments in the media on nov.1 were heartless; of the kind usually heard from common swindlers.The NDP is clueless;their financial critic being coached by a vested interest and outspoken critic of income trusts and they are all ignorant.The'o6 Finance surplus now stands at7.6billion and counting as a direct result of income trust distributions received by individuals.That bonanza is over.

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