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By A WellWisher (anonymous) | Posted January 15, 2011 at 21:03:53

jason: "well, I'm no Hume. Didn't mean to sound as though I could just whip up pieces of the same quality as him. My point was - I'd love to have time to do some researched and urban-centric pieces about Hamilton like he does in TO, and help present a sustainable vision for the Hammer. RTH as a whole does this pretty well..."

Well, jason, if it wasn't for Yikes, you could have almost succeeded in convincing unsuspecting RTH readers that you were in league with Christopher Hume.

The recent past has clearly shown that RTH as a whole does a pretty bad job by presenting issues that are blatantly biased, ill-researched, and which are rammed down our throats by an ill-mannered pack of anonymous commenter who are freely allowed to curse, abuse, and make insane connections and conclusions. These individuals then go to up-vote each other, while all those who try very hard to retain a rational, centrist view on topics are down-voted and quickly shut out.

Regarding your rushed Hume gaffe, time is really never to be 'had', it is always to be 'made'; and you don't simply do 'some researched and urban-centric pieces about Hamilton'. What you do is serious research if at all you are serious about offering your views to the public.

If you were serious about your views, you would have made the time for research to find that more urban-centric pieces about Hamilton is not what Hamilton needs in 2011, as much as it needs a better understanding of what constitutes urban-centric & suburban-centric biases; and respectable ways to overcome them.

When the world is already moving fast towards regional-centricity to overcome urban sustainable issues, you and most avowed research-challenged RTH'ites are still pushing an outmoded 'us v/s them' view of cities, and forcing Hamilton's suburban residents and its urban residents to remain suspicious of each others intent and motives.

So please read more carefully and research a lot before you dive into offering views on topics that you may think you know well. The diverse people of this city deserve much better than the loud and often angry biases which have been on full public display at RTH recently.

Hamilton deserves real Hume's who speak from real world experiences, and not dilettante urbanists who profess urban-centric biases in the name of progress.

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