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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 18, 2011 at 01:27:39


What you are writing about is the reason I had hoped the Aldershot gambit would be successful. I hoped the Ti-Cats would have left for Burlington, leaving Hamilton to construct the 6000 seat Pan-Am stadium where Ivor Wynne currently sits. A small Pan-Am stadium would have not only left the existing sports facilities intact it would have augmented them as well. I also think a velodrome would have worked around Beechwood, enhancing the Scott Park area as a node of sports participation. The Scott Park area could use and deserves the glamour of a velodrome as much as any other part of this city. I highly doubt I will get any agreement on the velo, but for me it fits with the vision of a Scott Park sporting node, especially with the LRT node that is slated for SP. There are better things we can do for the harbour than sports facilities, it will take some time and money but the opportunities there are breathtaking.

Stadiums, Nodes and Growth

I will say that I was incomplete on my cost estimates for WH site remdiation. The 3 million is for a cap only and not appropriate for residential development. I've been doing research on soil remediation and will try to have an article on the subject in a week or so.

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