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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted January 18, 2011 at 11:39:35

There is simply no wording of a single part of CRTC policy which decides whether broadcasters are honest or not. Those who are would never knowingly post false news under any circumstances will not begin now. Those who would will always have loopholes anyway. This kind of policy lends itself to abuse. The CRTC is not free of its own biases and obligations to its sponsors, either.

Who saw their licence threatened over the myriad lies spread during the invasion of Iraq? Many of us personally went over these facts time and again with reporters, and they refused to print it. Their commitment to "unbiased reporting" and "official truths" meant that pointing out the obvious glaring inconsistencies in the "official story" was inappropriate, even when people like Hans Blix and the Pope were doing it too. John Pilger's recent documentary, "The War You Don't See" gives a lot of insight into this.

If the CRTC really wants to promote truth in news, they can stop letting these companies consolidate into Fox-style media empires. Any one point of view broadcast that way to millions will be fraught with these problems. The solution isn't better policing of media empires, it's allowing actual opposing viewpoints and contrasting facts.

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