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By fastcarsfreedom (anonymous) | Posted February 28, 2007 at 15:50:37

GO-ALRT died for a number of reasons--the main reason being that the funding and impetus at the provincial level both dried up. There was some consternation locally--rightly so, about tunneling under Hamilton Cemetery and building an elevated track down York Blvd. The alternative routing would've gone into the James North CNR station.

The other system was ex-nayed a little more before my time--but I remember the proposals and even the televised debate on CHCH, complete with renderings--I remember elevated trackage shown at King and Hughson. Anyway, the exact system was built in two places--Vancouver and Detroit. In my estimation the system would've been a money loser for years--although with the growth happening now, it may finally have come into it's own. The system itself has a reputation as being flawed--poor dispatch reliability, frequent breakdowns in snow and cold and expensive upkeep.

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