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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted January 18, 2011 at 14:56:13

@George said:

3) Which of the two locations best promotes our city nationally and internationally?

What are we trying to promote? Ivor Wynne has promoted our city both nationally and internationally for 60 years and many hail Ivor Wynne to be the best place in the country to watch our game.

Not saying that WH wouldn't promote us well (it would be a beautiful view of Burlington), or that we could re-create our infamous site lines and such, but IW already does promote us well. At the bottom of the television screen it says Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton. in Hamilton. We are international with those words.

The Gage Park festivals are pretty huge too so I think Ward 3 has promoted our city well on a national scale in general, and I am sure we can build on that with this latest plan.

Why I feel Ivor Wynne is best at selling our city (and I shouldn't say best becuase no place in the city deserves that title so I will say 'well' or 'nicely'), is becuase all views from within and around the stadium are of Hamiton. Steel. Esscarpment. Downtown. Hamilton. Not the view of Burlington or the CN Tower in Toronto on a clear day from Confed Park. People at Ivor Wynne and watching nationally, see Hamilton. You can hide parts of Hamilton all you want when you show it from television, but when they come here, the factories are there.

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