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By matthewsweet (registered) | Posted January 18, 2011 at 22:21:21

In response to A Smith's comment about LRT being a $130M investment designed to shave 1 minute off of travel time between Eastgate and McMaster on public transit:

Firstly, it actually shaves SIX minutes off of travel time. So instead of $130M per minute of saved time, its $21.6M per minute of saved time. What a bargain! My cute sarcasm aside, I do wish you had noticed this discrepancy in your figures (which I'm certain was pointed out earlier by some enterprising fellow but I can't find it) and adjusted your criticism, which despite the 5 minute difference is still a fair point and should be discussed.

The difference between a 37 minute trip on a bus in mixed traffic and varying road conditions, and a 31 minute trip on a light rail vehicle on a dedicated ROW on rails should be fairly clear: reliability, efficiency and convenience, particularly when considering the proposed 4-5 minute headway between vehicles. Under these conditions, LRT gains a considerable advantage over the current bus system. It simultaneously allows buses which are currently deployed along the corridor to be shifted to other parts of the system to feed into the LRT, provide local service along the LRT corridor, etc.

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