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By jason (registered) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 09:09:08

Why didn't you make that observation when Hamilton staff gerrymandered the East Mountain report with all kinds of costs designed to make that site seem unaffordable;

You mean the way Burlington just mentioned that all the highway and infrastructure costs must be factored into this decision in Aldershot, even though the long term plan is to develop that land someday? Sorry, but I never bought that argument from Carmens Banquet Centre. If I have a 10 year plan to renovate my home that works with my budget and a home renovation company comes along and says "just do it all now! You're going to be doing it eventually anyhow, so it's all the same". No it's not. Furthermore, let's all please remember one hugely important fact about EM - it was the Cats, not the city, who pulled out of that location. The reason: insanely high costs on their end. Even when a few councillors floated the EM site a couple of months later, I heard Mitchell on CHML re-iterate that the site doesn't work for the Cats.

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