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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 11:39:46

It's not cut and dry to me in the least. You must remember that the game of negotiations change in the business and public world. Some people don't seem to understand that. If you don't want to funnel money to allow the TigerCats to make a profit, remember football is only 10 home games a year, then you must accept and I'm sure you do Brandon and most likely aren't concerned at all, that the TigerCats will leave this city.

Again, as I've pointed out, Paul Shaker's 2003 article indicates nicely the gem WH is. Something will happen with that site and I believe that it could be used for an arena and entertainment, light retail area if the NHL ever comes to town in the future. Copps may be too old to renovate at that point.

We have lived with the Rheem site and brownfiled this long, why rush into something unless the primary tenant says they wish to lease from that site? Bob Young will not lease from Katz or any second party IMHO so if you or others are going to try and "force" him to play out of WH, you better see to it that he is able to lease from the city with a larger development for some revenue generation. And why would you do this for "just" a close-to billiionaire as some suggest, why not wait it out for the really big boys, the ultra-billionaires, who want to bring an NHL team here?

The area of IWS is city building according to the FF mandate I would think. If it isn't then I'm missing something.

In the end if council sees that the best use of taxpayers money isn't spending on IWS2, I can accept that. It is their decision. But again, this is not a black and white issue(s) as far as I'm concerned.

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