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By highwater (registered) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 12:32:42

All the hoops except that that Cats would have to lease from a 2nd party...

And we know this how? Any discussions with Katz at the time were strictly preliminary. We'll never know what the deal might have been because the cats refused to talk.

...and not be involved themselves in the development aspect with their developers? Was he truly allowed to find developers for WH and were there developers willing to jump on board with him as the controller or as a main controller?

And what 'developers' are we talking about at IW, exactly? Apart from a brief mention of some nearby industrial lands and Scott Park, there has been little or no talk of a 'precinct' being part of the IW deal. Whither Osmington?

Again, the gamesmanship of negotiations.

Except there were no negotiations because of the cats' intransigence, so we'll never know, will we? That is, unless council votes for WH and BY's deep and abiding passion for this city draws him back to the table.

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