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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 12:57:53

"That is, unless council votes for WH and BY's deep and abiding passion for this city draws him back to the table."

Well, they can test his "passion" out if they want. That is their choice. One never knows in the gamesmanship of negotiations. Not all negotiations end up as planned. But I believe the TigerCats that they will not play at WH as they have said because they know the city won't give them the control there they want. So it's not all about passion of course. Money talks, control and power talks.

What would the city look like if they gave BY the key to WH and HECFI etc. such that Katz or Balsillie or whomever would have to lease from BY? Some of you don't like Brattina now. If that happened, you'd light him up pretty quick I think.

I think Hamilton should take the IWS2 compromise and if cleaning up WH ASAP is such a deal for some and get it capped or that, then from what I've read cleaning up the Rheem site isn't as much as originally planned. Put a soccer field on it or whatever, something really easy to get rid of if a Katz type wants to develop the land with an arena, entertainment district. As I've said, I'm willing to pay up to a $5 surcharge on my Cats seasons for help replenish the FF, I want to see the site cleaned up as well eventually.

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