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By Brandon (registered) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 22:10:37

Did Bob donate Lulu's services? It sounds like Lulu was used exactly as it was intended which is a low-cost publishing service and Bob made money from it. How is that philanthropic? I too have a service that saves my clients thousands of dollars a year, does that make me philanthropic?

I have no idea what Bob is like as a person and I don't judge him as a person. All I can judge him by are his actions in this latest scenario.

If you could explain to me how he can say at one point that he'll play anywhere (a good friend of mine works with the reporter who interviewed him when that comment was made and there was no doubt that that's what he intended at the time) and then at the last possible second flat out refuse to go along with the plan as it has been laid out for ages I'd appreciate it.

I'm not saying that he kicks puppies or throws children out of their homes, I'm saying he saw an opportunity to channel a significant amount of taxpayer money into some significant revenue streams for himself. This is amply demonstrated by the fact that he was willing to invest $10 to $15 million building around the stadium, but not a penny in the stadium itself beyond some operating costs amortized over 10 years. This doesn't make him a bad person, but it does mean that he bargained in bad faith and tried to use the pressure of an election to turn things his way.

Now they're talking about IWS again, despite the fact that they swore up and down that they were done with the facility and wouldn't play there again once the lease was up.


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