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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 07:15:55

Things change in the word of negotiations Brandon and you and everyone else aren't privy to all the details at any one time. Have you ever changed your mind in life based on new information? Of course you did.

Fred Eisenberger bargained in bad faith from the beginning with a hidden agenda to never take WH off the table. I'm sure you wont' admit that.

Of course Lulu is a company with a profit in mind. Is that a crime? Did I use the word philanthropic? No. Drug companies make billions of dollars with their CEO's earning in the 10's of millions of dollars a year, even during a recession. But their drugs help save lives. It is called the way the world works.

Also football has 10 games a year, difficult to make a go of it on it's own.

Did BY use pressure? Probably, again it's called negotiations, my boss pressures me all the time, most bosses do. My wife does as well, my parents did as well... Fred used a bad faith under the table approach IMHO.

And good on you for your service saving money for your customers. Bravo sir!

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