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By Brandon (registered) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 10:43:27

Hamilton Fan, I fail to understand you. First you trumpet BY's involvement in a firefighter's children educational calendar as some sort of proof that BY is incapable of doing anything wrong, then you say it's just the way the world works.

As far as Fred's supposed agenda for WH, that may have been the case, I don't know, but if it was then why did the rest of council vote it as the best location seven times? The mayor has one vote, that's it. If Fred was such a strong mayor then BY never would have been able to derail council at the last minute.

The only time that I've seen anything that Fred did that was questionable was not tell the council that there was potential help from the province to make EM work, but since that potential was very ephemeral to begin with and disappeared the next day anyway, it would have made no difference.

Bob, however, pulled a last minute hissy fit that is still threatening to derail the whole process.

It wouldn't surprise me to discover that you were employed by BY based on the incredible bias that you're showing. Katz does the exact same thing in Edmonton and it's a bad thing, Bob, however, is a negotiating genius.

You aren't seeing through a lens, you're seeing through a kaleidoscope!

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