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By Brandon (registered) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 12:58:18

@Hamilton Fan,

Send him copies of what you've posted here, he'll hire you as a PR flak in no time.

@Say what,

My post suggested that Bob Young was trying to spin the whole Pan Am games deal to be a Ti-Cat stadium issue. Troop clarified that by saying that the deal was not dependent on the 'Cats, but extra funding for a larger stadium was available if they were on board.

Hamilton Fan posted something about a charity using Lulu to print their calendars as proof that Bob couldn't possibly be the sort of person that negotiated in bad faith. I strongly disagree with that statement. I've never suggested he was a bad person, I only suggested that he made a last minute play to hijack taxpayer money to generate money for himself over a larger group of taxpayers. Does that make him evil? No, but it kind of precludes him from sainthood.

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