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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted January 21, 2011 at 13:21:21

I will agree, that the Cats need to put something into this. The Bombers set the bar.

I would like to think that on Monday, the Cats will announce how much they are willing to put into this plan to make it work, including a commitment that either any and all funds that may exceed our $115M spending limit is covered by by the Cats, or they re-evalue their upgrades to get that cost below $115M.

The 20-year lease is a great start, but what happens if the team or the league for that matter, folds within a certain time? Is there a guaranteed payout based on a certain # of years the team will be here whether they folded after 2 years or not? Something like we'll sign a 20-year lease and gurantee so much $ in losses up to 10 years?

Anyone have a number that seems reasonable as to what they feel the Cats should contribute? The last offer for a stadium build was $10M over so many years I belive wasn't it?

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