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By PeterF (registered) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 15:15:32

@HamiltonFan I keep reading your post regarding Red Hat and I am trying to understand it. You are making a connection that BY doing what he did with Red Hat provided his Aunt with money. That is a fact, no one can argue with that. Would you agree that what BY's Aunt did with some or all of the money has nothing to do with BY. The generous gift she gave was her decision. She deserves the credit for doing what she did, not BY. I am not trying to discredit Mr Young but the credit goes to Joyce Young for her generous and unselfish act. Quite frankly I think this once again has nothing to do with the stadium issue at all. You can be on the other side of an issue and still think that a person is an overall good person and believe that maybe, just maybe that person is wrong on a certain issue. I think BY and is family are good people. In my opinion I think he has been misguided throughout this whole process.

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