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By Participant (anonymous) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 15:44:53

Glad no one's actually mentioning "Grey Cups in the future". Having been to the last two games in Hamilton ('72 as a kid; '96 on the field as a support official), I can tell you that our track record in terms of overall success is 50/50 at best.
1972 was a bygone era when the CFL was at least still within shouting distance of the burgeoning juggernaut NFL as a marquee football league. It was a memorable time and a classic game (with the hometown team last minute winner).
The 1996 game for other reasons was another modern-day classic, but the week preceding it in Hamilton and the humiliating failure to sell the game out was a brutal embarassment to the city and the league. Of the two games, the latter has to be seen as the more reliable indicator of future success, as it is more representative of the divide in prestige these days between 'The Show' (NFL) and the rest (guess who).
Not to derail the discussion, because the issue is really only tangential, but when Young's acolytes keep "not mentioning" these imaginary events to add substance to their argument, I call 'bullshit'.
PS please don't start waving the flag at me; I was a long-time season ticket holder (Mr. Young fixed that) and have family who had a career in the league.

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