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By George (registered) | Posted January 22, 2011 at 16:31:49

What saddens me is that Mitchell's quotes and the descriptions of his competitiveness indicate an over-competitiveness to the point that he became confrontational rather than co-operative.

Instead of working with the city of Hamilton, his overly competitive style crossed the line leading him to work against the city of Hamilton. That is not how to deal with our elected officials.

That's what seems to be described here by more than one party.

Conclusion: He, Mitchell, is the source of Bob Young's ill advice, and he needs to go. Seems if there is one individual that assumes the largest share of this dysfunctional process, it would be Scott Mitchell.

And to top off that confrontational attitude, he seems to demonstrate through his actions and words, a total disregard for the very community that is tied directly, and very strongly to this team. A tie and connection that Bob Young himself has recognized by adopting the self appointed title of caretaker and relenting to IWS.

It explains the odd comments Mitchell made about Bob Young having a "come-to-Jesus" moment. At the time those comments came out, I found them slightly disturbing in that it seemed to imply a certain level of bitterness, as if he felt undermined and overruled by Bob Young.

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