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By hammy (anonymous) | Posted January 22, 2011 at 18:57:30

George, throwing money at the WH for the sake of it is just wrong. We need a much bolder plan than throwing up a bunch of concrete at a location with such potential. How many here think the steel companies are going to be around in another 10-20 yrs? I don't. They are already on their last breath.
The potential for the future at WH/HBay could be brite.
I really get the feeling this has come down to nothing more than greed and money by some players we will likely never know.
One of the players we do know is the WH group. They are down to their last 1/2 million. They are in desperate need of funding to continue their quest. The empty buildings in the area suggest more money is involved. Who? Speculators and probably not many from this area.
City council needs to give IW the go, then look at a final solution for the WH that will benifit the entire city.
I do like the idea of concerts in the summer by the water, just a thought.

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