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By George (registered) | Posted January 23, 2011 at 00:07:19

It's about seizing the rare opportunity of getting tens of millions of federal and provincial dollars. It must not be squandered.

As a Tiger-Cat fan, and Hamiltonian, I think the WH is the single best place for a stadium because the TV exposure this city gets through TSN's coverage of Tiger-Cat games is by far the best way to promote and rehabilitate the city's image nationally as well as locally.

Most of Canada recognizes Hamilton through steel factories and the Tiger-Cats. Nothing wrong with that, that's fine.

But we are more than that, and showcasing our "new" and improving WH, the crown jewel of our city, is the best way to sell us to the rest of the country and the world.

Plus, having hundreds of thousands of annual visits to downtown and WH, by out of towners, and Hamiltonians who don't otherwise venture downtown anymore, will go a long way to further strengthening our slowly recovering core.

A strong core is essential to any city.

Would any such investment at IWS come even close to doing any of this? Not a chance.

If the Tiger-Cats are ok with IWS, then WH is fine too.

What is best for Hamilton?

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