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By ImproveTheHammer (registered) | Posted January 23, 2011 at 10:24:50

This article distills (for me) why we've had such trouble finding a site.

The main funding for a stadium breaks down as follows: $70 million from the federal and provincial government, $45 million from the future fund.

The future fund is supposed to grow Hamilton's economic base, enhance Hamilton's social fabric and enhance community life. The Fed/Provincial contribution is supposed to build a stadium suitable as a Pan Am games soccer venue with a high performance sports legacy.

Proponents of IWS are concentrating primarily on the stadium as a sports legacy. It fixes a decaying building with a new one with a tenant committed to spending 20 years there.

Proponents of WH are concentrating primarily on the future fund goals. It promises to take a derelict area and turn it into an area of high profile development.

But there are also shades of grey. It can be argued that a re-vamped IWS touches some of the future fund goals. Giving IWS a new lease on life could trigger development of the area -- particularly restaurants and bars. And hosting a Grey Cup or two would have significant impact on Hamilton (positively ;))

It also can be argued that a stadium at WH could have a lasting legacy. Although the Ticats have said they won't play there, many of us don't believe them. And perhaps we could recruit a pro soccer team. And having a new sports stadium would be very positive for the existing amateur sports teams.

And that leaves us where we are today.

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