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By George (registered) | Posted January 23, 2011 at 10:40:09

Liveourfuture wrote:

That’s it!!!!!!

I was starting to settle into the idea of a renovated Ivor Wynne as a compromise just to end this whole fiasco, but after some of the recent insightful articles on Raise the Hammer and the Spectator, I’m more convinced than ever that this would be a giant missed opportunity for Hamilton. I'm really tired of talking and talking and talking about this city’s potential and letting petty egos with little to no stake in this city, hold us back. Let’s get on with it…it’s our bloody money for heaven’s sake!

Me too. Although IWS2 is better than Confederation Park, East Mountain, Burlington, etc, it still is not good enough.

Let's not settle.

We, the city of Hamilton, have a tremendous opportunity to make a big splash with a WH stadium and LRT. These, without a doubt, will be transformational, and deserve every effort to succeed. Time to follow through on a vision Hamilton!

The world and our industrial based economy has changed a long time ago. We must transform! The status quo is no longer acceptable. The ever changing world will continue to leave us behind, if we do not act progressively and assertively.

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