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By j-dawg (anonymous) | Posted January 23, 2011 at 14:28:53

Of course people are concerned with the health risks associated with excessive idling, but what if you look at this from another angle.

Excessive idling in parking lots, road ways, etc.. gives the vehicle time to heat up, and melt snow which is already on the bonnet of the vehicle and so on. This snow/ice melts, and begins to drip onto the surface of the parking lot/ roadway. Has anybody ever noticed what happens to this liquid when the cold winter temperatures freeze it? It leaves small patches of ice which often times raise off of the surface of the ground creating another safety hazard. These raised patches of ice create an opportunity for people walking to work, the grocery store, or their houses to trip/slip and fall down.

The winter months are already full of potential hazards which are unavoidable. Why create another hazard by doing something as simple as idling your vehicle for a few extra minutes? Is it worth the potential harm which could be associated with it?

I believe that if this issue was viewed from several angles rather than just one, that perhaps it would open people's eyes to re-consider their decisions.

As for "By ohwow's" comment.... "So just think if it matters, cause it ain't to me." Maybe a broken ankle or leg would give you time to think about what your saying, next time you slip on a patch of ice created from your idling vehicle...

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