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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted January 23, 2011 at 18:19:31

I'm not saying Hamilton would be perfect now if we hadn't done these things, but I doubt people would back these ideas again.

Good Lord.

Thanks for absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt reinforcing precisely what I was getting at.

You 'doubt that people would back these ideas again'? How marvellous for you to sit and judge retrospectively. You have to be of a certain generation to say something like this. It displays a real disconnect with history, a definite hubris, and a clear lack of social perspective. If what you're saying wasn't so utterly ridiculous, given the tenor of this site (that is, a serious approach to finding solutions to what ails us, not one fueled by fantasy revisionism) I'd throw in 'sanctimonious'.

Seriously; if you're going to comment about something so basic as local history, as much as you might grieve for some of the decisions that were made at the time, you could at least honour those who came before us by respecting the context within which those lives were lived. With the kind of comment you've proffered, you've done an enormous disservice to much that industrial Hamilton was founded on.

(It almost makes me curious to know what else over the past 5,000 years you'd like to have seen done differently. Almost.)

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