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By mark (registered) | Posted March 08, 2007 at 12:26:56

Unfortunately, Hamilton was overlooked in the transit announcement. I thought perhaps Harper wsa saving the Hamilton portion of his announcement for when he was in town to watch the brier, but that was just a fluff photo op with no announcements for Hamilton.

Sadly Hamilton has no influence at Harper's cabinet table. You know, many were quick to berate and deride the love-to-be-hated Shiela Copps, but she always made sure that any time money was heading from Ottawa to Ontario a chunk would end up in Hamilton. We sure wouldn't have been ignored if she was still around and the LIbs were in power, or as an Opposition member, she'd make sure to squak loudly until we were noticed...

Where are our local reps and why aren't they complaining loudly about this snub?

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