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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted January 24, 2011 at 22:11:02

Interesting numbers Graham, food for thought. I wondered at a few such as $3000 taxes (1% seems low), $325k price (seems high if rail yards in view???) and would be grateful for any insight. Overall, I was interested to see how developers scope out the opportunity to find what looks like a $21.4 million profit (before land, remediation).

Remediation is the huge variable. I wonder if there is any way to marry capping to the development described? Example would be Toronto Hydro's office on Commissioners Street which capped the land and put the building on stilts so there is an air separation (parking lot) to prevent gassy problems.

What the article does not do is to persuade me to support a stadium in any location. If condo/commercial makes sense then we should use some of the Future Fund to remediate for the three projects Graham envisions. I believe the future will then take care of itself.

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