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By kevin (registered) | Posted January 26, 2011 at 00:11:33

If he is businessman, why doesn’t he act like one and dress like one? At the press conference, he was wearing a Ti-cats hat and a Ti-cat jersey over his shirt and tie. He was yucking it up and carrying on like he’s never had more fun. He made tastelessly offensive jokes as though this mess were a huge joke he had nothing to do with.

Perhaps he is getting bad advice, as his apologists reiterate, but he takes it. No better than Henry Ford with Harry Bennett, he pays a dim, sycophantic bully to gleefully do his dirty work, so he can play the innocent card his whole life.

The cheeky, precocious, little boy shtick may have been cute and effective 50 years ago, but it ain’t anymore. It’s offensive.

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