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By Robert B. (anonymous) | Posted January 26, 2011 at 01:26:08

I just read Clark's new blog where he addresses Infrastructure Ontario. It looks like Bobby and Floyd are over playing their cards or just making things up.

McGuinty is likely thrilled with I.O. since he created it and their client surveys SAY that 85% of clients are pleased I.O. came in under budget and on time. As for their estimates, they RFQ and RFP the projects. They have $30 billion worth of significant capital projects built or underway 2005 to 2010.

SO, who would you believe I.O. or two politicians complaining about numbers that have clearly embarassed them. I was there when they first discussed IW. I remember Clark questioning Murray about the estimates. Clark said the estimates could go as high as $150 million and he asked Murray to comment. Murray declined.

Let's face it Bobby gives us a history lesson when he is unprepared and Floyd always cites his 30 years of construction experience wherever he is blowing smoke. City Hall under budget when? the approved budget was $48 million and it was built for $73 million. I guess you can always spend more to get it ahead of schedule.

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