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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted January 26, 2011 at 10:55:32

"The question is: If council is stupid enough to buy into it, then why fault Bob?"

This buys into the mostly American, social darwinist, strictly business, approach that "if you can get away with it, it's alright". It isn't! It's immoral or, at best, unethical.

The City went through a lengthy process to choose a site, voted on it 7 times without a peep from the Tiger-Cats and then Young pulled the rug from under us when the city he claims to love was at its most vulnerable simply to extract more money from taxpayers. That's the ONLY reason we're here. Not access, not parking, not visibilty, all of which are worse at both IWS and IWS2.

If a tow truck driver jacked his prices up and up while you were stranded at the side of the highway to extract more money from you, would you fault him? Of course you would. But isn't that just business?

If you want to be an apologist for Bob Young on the basis that he's just a businessman doing business, then carry through on your principle and demand that the Tiger-Cats pay rent that reflects the full capital and operating cost of the facility wherever it might be without subsidized concessions, HSR and police. That's business too.

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