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By goin'downtown (registered) | Posted January 26, 2011 at 12:48:02

Okay, first, I may need to preface each and every comment I make on this issue with “I am a Tiger Cat fan. I want the Tiger Cats to continue to be a part of Hamilton for decades to come.” There.

Ballard wore his bastard personality on his sleeve; Bob Young now appears to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yuck.

In retrospect (doh!) I wish even Eisenberger had have just ignored the Ticats displeasure with the WH for a football stadium,and said “okay, well, we asked” and just gone ahead with a small stadium at the WH. Then dealt with the Ticats separately from the Pan Am Games issues. Could still have kept negotiating with them including leveling Brian Timmis once WH was built. Moot now, of course. This whole IWS stadium reno is just getting so absurd. Bad location, period - history, emotions and game enjoyment aside. Everyone has known that for ages. Just because your gravel driveway doesn’t look like Ancaster’s custom cobble-stoned circular driveways, doesn’t mean you don’t park in it. Yet here we go investing LARGE in a bad location. And once it’s renovated all around, it’s not even Ivor Wynne Stadium anymore (no disrespect to Ivor Wynne himself)! I’ve lost the point. It’ll be an old, prettied-up stadium in a location unprofitable to a CFL team. As for not costing the taxpayers anything, to my understanding, if you pay a hydro bill in Hamilton, you’re footing the Future Fund. Utterly absurd.

As for the National Post article, “If the numbers do not add up by that time, the facility will be moved to Mississauga or Brampton and built on a smaller scale. “ ??? McHattie confirmed yesterday in an email that we will be in competition with other municipalities for a smaller stadium. Not out of the running.

Aggelonitis is quoted as saying ““The city, federal government, Tiger-Cats and the provincial government are all in this together.” Tiger-Cats are “in this” Pan Am negotiation?

And why in the hell do we even have an Infrastructure Ontario? What kind of monopolistic, politico-financial back-scratching is that?

The Spec’s editorial cartoon from yesterday featuring Bob Young:

My head is exploding.

p.s. Andrea for Mayor.

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