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By Arthur (anonymous) | Posted January 30, 2011 at 08:19:52 in reply to Comment 55202

Hey guys, here is the real scoop:

Originally it was a Challenger job. Challenger experienced some technical difficulties and asked Mammoet for assistance.

Mammoet took over the transport contract, and hired Challenger and Anderson as subcontractors.

Challenger retained control of all of the permits, traffic management, and utility work.

Challenger deserves credit for the job, not Mammoet. They provided most of the solutions to safely deliver these tanks. Providing the equipment to move the tanks is relatively easy. Negotiating a 108-kilometre route which involves the relocation of 1600 overhead wires is not. Challenger came up with these routing solutions, not Mammoet. And when Challenger had some difficulties with equipment, they brought Mammoet to the table, which was also Challenger's solution and nobody else's.

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