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By Ellie (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2006 at 16:51:15


You don't have to buy those the bags at all, a few suggestions are:
-using newspaper
-buying paper lunch bags...GT French has huge packs for under 5 dollars
-ask for paper bags when you grocery shop instead of plastic, use those
-use nothing! The smaller mini-bin is dishwasher safe, the larger bin is easily washed out with a hose.
-if you're afraid of the liquid mess, kept a container in the upstairs bathroom..collect a week's worth of kleenex and paper towel in it, dump that as the first product in the green cart each will soak up the wetness
...OR if you don't like the ends of a loaf of bread, try that.

Be creative! It's not that hard, it is just a change in the way you do things!

...Also, backyard composters are great...but the green cart takes things that it can' meat with bones, dairy and certain toxic vegetables like rhubarb. Even if that can be diverted from the landfill it will make a difference.

...don't sneak plastic into your green cart. why wouldn't you just put into the blue box. Why wreck the compost batch? That's immature and inconsider. Some people work hard to participate in the program, why do you NEED to ruin it for other people?

..and if you read your waste collection calender carefully (or if you even bother to read it at all) you are getting MORE bulk collection pick ups now...every week besides the leaf and yard weeks. You're just asked to call in the week before. This makes so much more sense. It makes people think of alternative ways to get rid of larger items before they send it to landfill.

I'm frustrated by the comment of "sneaking plastic" into the mix. That's irresponsible, please don't do it. You know better. It's like me letting my dog do his business on your lawn and not picking it up after.

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