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By zanis_e_v (registered) | Posted March 19, 2007 at 17:48:25

I had to guffaw when the IPCC was presented as a source of "facts - cold, hard, unreassuring facts". Read some of Lawrence Solomon's other columns, where he talks about how the IPCC is systematically eliminating any scientific debate around climate change. About Lawrence Solomon - before you dismiss him as just some big-oil, right-wing crank, consider that he's the director of the Urban Renaissance Institute, which is an off-shoot of Energy Probe ( He's been fighting big energy companies since the 70's. He's now promoting denser, more vibrant urban environments and better mass-transit. While he may not share RTH's politics, his aims and yours coincide well. That someone who worked alongside Jane Jacobs (at the only NGO she ever supported directly - Energy Probe) has chosen to speak out about the deadening of scientific debate on climate change should make us pause before labeling something 'anti-science'.

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