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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted March 19, 2007 at 18:37:36

I was at the "Do you CO2" conference march 10 at Mcmaster. They brought in a climate change skeptic, Francis Manns. Poor guy.

He accused the mainstream scientists of being blinded by ideology, likening his group (Friends of Science) to Galileo and Copernicus struggling to voice the truth against opression by the masses. Had some good points, like sunspot activity but very limited data and nothing followed up on, essentially recycled ala his accusations of the CO2 camp.

Then he launched into a rant on banning the entirely harmless chemical DDT (thin eggshells etc are a complete myth) as an example of bandwagon junk science, had to take issue with the Iraq war being mainly about oil... it was pretty sad.

Boy I'd love to see some credible skepticism about global warming. The media is to blame for two reasons: of course the right wing media bias, duh, like who pays the bills?, but then apparently real media tries to give equal time to each side, regardless of the strength of their arguments. This sets the tone for the layperson that each argument deserves equal credibility if they get equal airtime. And controversy sells papers.

BTW, the science fiction writer Robert J Sawyer took the place of Severin Suzuki. What an excellent speaker and thinker. Even Manns complimented his speaking ability, but with a passive-aggressive tone, as in nobody who speaks that well ought to be trusted. Often true, but as Manns himself said, correlation is not causation. Indeed!

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