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By Hamilton Citizen (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2006 at 21:50:11

I was robbed two years ago. Two days after I discovered my stolen CDs and DVDs piled together in the pawn shop next to the Dollar Joint. I remember that one of the CDs had a certain crack in the front of the case. I checked to make sure if it was there and sure enough it was.

When I pointed out the crack on the CD and specifically chose another CD from the pile that had a crack in a specific spot, without first looking at it, in front of the owner to prove to him I wasn't lying he said, "if you want that you have to pay for it. They're a dollar each".

I've often seen teenagers bring bikes out front of the place for 5 bucks a place. He deals with them right in broad daylight, often the same teenagers I've seen, as I often pass the area since I live nearby.

The police won't do anything about it. I've been told that pawn shops can take items from anybody and sell them without doing any sort of background check, logging, or recording of identification as long as the cost of the items sold is under a certain amount.

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