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By student (anonymous) | Posted February 01, 2011 at 16:33:27

This article is completely incorrect. There are sidewalks that any person in their right mind can walk up and not go near the cars and buses. The parking lot is in the front maybe because thats the only place they could put it not because the teachers like it (and by the way parents can park their too). If you have noticed we have a public park and little forest to one side, houses to the other, and another school to the back so that is the only place a parking lot could go. Considering the pedestrians, even if they were walking on the road, being idiots, they still can't get hurt by a car because the cars drive like 5km/h. The fence at the front of the parking lot is to show drivers where the parking lot ends so the don't drive on what little property we have. And the sidewalk leading to the side of the school is broken and small because it has been there for over 10yrs. and we would rather spend money on learning instruments, than have a brand new sidewalk. So if you are going to write an article about our school and post it on the Internet maybe you should research about it, maybe even ask some people some questions, rather than making up nonsense that can't be true.

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