Comment 5919

By jt (anonymous) | Posted March 20, 2007 at 15:35:00

Regarding the "Anti-sience: the washington post on climate change". The only true anti-science is religion. Most people simply don't know scientific technique well enought to understand the debate. Sun spots have been accurately mapped for 150 years. They track exactly with warm periods. If you need a model of how radiation can affect CO2 then just place a bottle of carbonated water in you microwave (and stand back). The above artical does not contradict NASA finding of menting but only says that it COULD BE part of a long cycle of the martian orbit - we don''t know where we may be in the orbit. Scientists resason from data - even if they cant spell - rather than infer that a 10,000 obatal chang happens to be concurrent with earth warming - it is more probable that the same mechanism is warming each. It is you pea brains who are in the grip of religion !

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