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By farmer6re9 (registered) - website | Posted March 20, 2007 at 22:21:30

Please allow me to unleash my pea from its pod for a moment and approach this subject at an even simpler level. The second paragraph of this article reads:

"These climate change "deniers", as an impatient public in the mood for change has started calling them, fall into three categories: those that maintain climate change is not happening, those that say it is not our fault, and those that say there's nothing we can do about it."

To that I agree wholeheartedly, wrong, wrong, wrong! It is happening, it is our fault and there is something we can do about it. But I staunchly disagree with the commonly accepted approach to the problem, which is actually multiple problems rolled into one all encompassing cloak of global warming. Which is really our global warning.

Thinking outside of the box and looking at the whole picture instead of foe-cussing on one single thing is my approach. The earth and the companion planets in this solar system are heating up, that's a given. The scientologist/gnostic thinkers have got a slew of solutions because they've got reams of skewed data, well funded peer review and special agendas. But what no one individual wants to admit is that it is their own damn fault. Far be it for me to spew accusations when I myself have contributed to the friction in this world.

I am a sinner and certainly not a perfect citizen but I have learned that saving the planet starts in one's own backyard. The universe and everything in it is electric. Are you a good conductor or a high ohm low tolerance resistor? Actinic or adiactinic?

All we can do is what is expected of us: Raise responsible children, recycle to the best of our ability, give our employers 110%, carpool, turn down the thermostat in winter and up in the summer. Don't buy cheap goods, spend your money in your community and do business close to home. This list could go on and on...

I don't wish to hurt anyone's feeling with my religious foundation, but y'all now know where I'm coming from. And I now know that here, there is a mutual admiration for Firefox. So if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise I'll continue to comment as I sees it fit. Unfortunately I believe we're 50-2000 years too late to reverse the damage done, therefore with the time we have left there should be a preparing of the heart through prayer and repentance. Let God work out the finer details we humans cannot possibly comprehend.

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