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By highwater (registered) | Posted March 21, 2007 at 14:01:12


You are confusing the faculty with the administration. The city has consistently tried to engage the administration on planning issues that affect the wider community with limited results. There has been some success with policing issues, but little or no movement on such issues as traffic and housing. If the city is afraid of the University it is because of its economic clout, not its brilliance. (Remember, this is the braintrust that can't figure out how to make student housing profitable.) The faculty of course, are much more progressive. Many of the strongest voices speaking out on Mac's impact on our community come from faculty who live in the area and care passionately about this neighbourhood. Most of the people speaking out at the PACCR meeting I mentioned above were faculty and alumni, and the letter I attached above quotes the Faculty Association newsletter decrying the Senate's lack of committment to current enrollment levels and planning for the future. This is something the administration fails to realize in its 'us vs. them' approach. Many faculty and alumni call Westdale home. When they download their traffic, housing, and policing problems onto the community, they are really fouling their own nest.

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