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By zox (anonymous) | Posted March 22, 2007 at 00:59:32

Quote from Mr. Leach's story:
"One of them lived in Ancaster and mentioned, "Up there you see people in the grocery store who won't say hi to anyone and try to wear all this fancy stuff and act rich, and then you see the regular working folks who are living insane lives trying to afford their home and cars. Down here (downtown Hamilton) you see a bit of everything. Rich, poor, young, old, hip, techies, vegans, etc..."

I wonder if I would be considered 'riff-raff' in the Meadowlands? I don't walk around (check that: drive around) wearing gaudy jewelry or have a dog with shoes and a coat on. Does that qualify?"

Did the person expressing this see diversity as a Good thing? That's sad, if he lives in Ancaster. Spending a hour dressing,& getting spiffed up to buy a loaf of bread is the rule.
(I think he forget about the people who will try to physically push in front of you in Timmys. Chivalry may be dead, but feudalism sure isn't.)
Would you be considered 'riff-raff' in the Meadowlands? Possibly not, because you are on the border of... (cue the spooky music) ...HAMILTON!

My dog has been repeated charged with public nudity for not wearing shoes, & a 3 piece suit.
His lawyer is currently claiming a religious exemption, & he will be wearing a simple saffron robe & Birkenstocks with white socks in future.

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