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By gary (registered) | Posted June 14, 2006 at 18:20:15

as the speaker who received the comment from the mayor as being "somewhat intellegent" (better than larry is doing i should add) i can say that the reason for the even split between supporters and detractors for the proposed demolition is that the issue being addressed was unclear to many proponents. i would suggest that most of those who were there to support the plan would have seen the issue as not whether to restore or destroy the lister but whether to proceed with anything or leave the lister the way it stands now. the arguements put forth by those for the demolition are the same for both sides. and of course it must be noted that, of those who were for the demolition, most had a direct financial interest in seeing SOMETHING done. of course Paul Reardon wants the lister to move forward. of Course Paul from Nutrisource wants the project expediated. they dont care in which way it happens they just want it done. i note that the opposition to the permit have nothing to gain directly financially. it is a lot easier to modivate people to spend seven hours in a council meeting to make money than to protect the built heritage of a city, selflessly, for its own sake.

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