Comment 6012

By nin05 (anonymous) | Posted March 25, 2007 at 03:03:15

Who cares. I think the funniest thing I ever read was someone trying to get rid of drive-thrus. Not only would that kill some businesses but it would also do NOTHING for the air quality (as people would leave their cars running while they go inside the establishment... especially in the winter) but it would increase the amount of vehicle thefts. I'm sick and tired of hearing about air quality and global warming. Do you think mother earth is afraid of humans? Ask the tsunami victims in Indonesia if the earth is afraid of gas emissions. Ask the people still frozen in place in Pompeii if the the planet is really going to be affected all that much by recycling and taxing SUV's. This earth could destroy us in one second. It has lasted billions of years... it's not going to be destroyed anytime soon... and CERTAINLY not by humans.

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