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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted February 22, 2011 at 15:11:52 in reply to Comment 60161

Ryan, I must tell you that I have a very low tolerance for being patronized by you or anyone else here who appear to equate "your volunteer work being done here on your spare time" - with some sort of hyper-achievement.

Subsequently any form of questioning by many here is dealt with inane commentary from you supposedly pushing the envelope of logic and evidence based thinking - or a very public swarming of down votes by anonymous cohorts with a large dose of cynical jabs to go - mostly from misread intent.

I did attempt to humour you in spite of your gross misread and making the most absurd public comment yet here - where you indulge in some very fanciful broad brushing!!

If this is your level of making a point - I seriously think you may want to consider having Guest Editors manage conversations here - until you energize yourself.

Let me assure you, any fatigue you may be experiencing, is entirely of your own making - from being relentlessly unaccommodating and inflexible with 'other viewpoints' on how this very public forum should look and feel.

Learning to let go of your creation is a sign of wanting to see it succeed. Smothering it in the manner you have just displayed here once again is plain unfortunate.

Comment edited by Mahesh_P_Butani on 2011-02-22 15:12:26

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