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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted February 28, 2011 at 12:05:16

I always say - the problem with main isn't just that it's a downtown highway, but also that the city has done so very little to mitigate the problems intrinsic to being a downtown highway. It's bad enough to run a highway through the heart of our city, but it's ludicrous to do it on the cheap.

Where are the lighted pedestrian crossings at Pearl and Margaret and Strathcona and every other small, residential street that crosses it? The speed traps? The widened sidewalks with boulevards to put a little space between pedestrians and screaming-fast traffic? Yes, that stuff would be expensive... because running a highway through the heart of town should be expensive. Even little, obvious things like a yield-to-pedestrians sign at the 403 Eastbound onramp on the King Street bridge are missing.

What disgusts me is how the city obviously makes these kinds of choices when it comes to large businesses. There are lighted crosswalks at non-cross-streets for private parking lots throughout the city - MIP has one. Dofasco's main office has one. Hamilton General has one. There's a nice yield-to-pedestrians sign for the onramp that divides Columbia International College's dormitory from its classrooms - a clear message to drivers that you have to wait for the gaggle of Asian kids in uniforms to cross the street, they don't have to wait for you.

Where there's a single, private stakeholder, the city makes things happen. Where there's just the general welfare of local residents? No such luck.

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