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By Realist (anonymous) | Posted February 28, 2011 at 14:43:08

The people and their elected officials in the old city are demanding the "rich" suburbs subsidize the poor inner city.

The gaping problem with this city is that a majority of the lower city's housing have pathetically low property and assesment values compared to the mountain and suburbs like Ancaster. Property taxes, being punative in their nature ignores this fact.

A home assessed at $160,000 at Barton and Sherman will pay $2000-$2600 in tax and get access to the same or better services that someone in Ancaster paying $8000-$9000 on a house assessed at $650,000. The unit cost to provide those services is the same but we make the people in the burbs pay more as a whole. Likewise, increases are amplified for the suburbs. Newer and more affluent cities like Burlington and Mississauga don't have this problem because home values more homogenous and when EVERYONE pays more and keeps taxes lower.

People in the lower city should be thankful that they get first class municipal services courtesy of your much hated suburbs. Stop your bickering about things like construction of new expressways because we in the burbs paid for it and you did not.

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